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Allied Health Services

Our allied health professionals offers range of speciality services to give a full health care at convenient location. For all services please check in at Reynolds Road 7 Day Medical Reception.

Since 2012 we have been your local psychologists in Applecross providing counselling to help you improve your life and relationships. Experienced in helping children, teens, individuals, couples and families. Our team has experience with anxiety, depression, OCD, sleep disorders, eating disorders, children (3 to 18), PTSD, relationship counselling, family counselling, defence/police service and more.

Reynolds Road 7 Day Medical Centre welcomes back Terry Worthington BSc (Physiotherapy) . Terry is a senior physiotherapist with over 20 years experience in private physiotherapy practice and was the Principal in several clinics including Mt Pleasant Physiotherapy, the original physiotherapy centre on this site in the early  2000`s. Platinum Physiotherapy also has a female colleague Antoinette Stickling for all your general physiotherapy needs.

Mr Paul Spiccia the principal podiatrist at FootworX Sports & General Podiatry has over 19 years clinical experience in podiatric practice. He has worked with some of the most highly respected and specialised clinics both here in WA and New South Wales. During this time he has worked alongside private practitioners, foot and ankle surgeons and professional sports podiatrists.


Andrew graduated from Podiatry in 2014 with a Bachelors in Podiatric Medicine from the University of Western Australia. Andrew has a keen eye for the latest in evidence based practice and will always use to the very best of his knowledge in providing the highest quality of Podiatry care.


Injury Prevention Plus is a team of Allied Health professionals led by Michelle Strother and Anthony Walter. With over thirty years of training and experience in the occupational health and worker’s compensation specialty between them, Michelle and Anthony have a clear and unequivocal vision: to provide an end-to-end corporate health service tailored to meet your unique needs.

With a broad range of health and medical contacts developed throughout our team’s diverse careers, Injury Prevention Plus can provide a one-stop service for all your workplace health needs.

Expert Hearing Care were founded in 2012 by Amit Sahni who is university trained audiologist with over 15 years in the area of hearing care, testing and the fitting of digital hearing aids. Amit Sahni opened Expert Hearing Care with the desire to once again provide the people of Perth with access to professional hearing care.

We offer lower cost structures to clients to ensure modern hearing solutions remain affordable to all people within the community.

Expert Hearing Care are government accredited to provide services and free hearing aids to pensioners and veterans under the OHS Voucher Scheme.

Inspiring Nutrition provide dietary counselling experience, and an ongoing commitment to offer exceptional dietary services in the Perth to Peel Region; our approach is to individualise treatment and build rapport with patients who are educated with the knowledge and skills to achieve desired goals.

With 3 experienced Dietitians, you will be able to to find the perfect mentor to guide you through the process of building a healthy lifestyle.

Australian Diabetes Educators Association offers professional recognition and development programs to support diabetes educators working toward achieving and maintaining a CDE status through a national credentialling program.

The Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA), formed in 1981, is Australia’s only Credentialled Diabetes Educator® (CDE) certified national organisation for diabetes education and care. Our members are healthcare professionals who are committed to providing evidence-based best practice diabetes education to better the lives of those directly or indirectly affected by diabetes.